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A Communication Workbook for Parent/s and Teens

Author: Frances Boyde M.ED. Ph.D. - Founder of Adolescent Life Coaching Center




The 30 Day Challenge has been created as a way to continue support after you and your teen have completed the initial Parent/Teen Challenge Day.


Many families successfully complete Challenge Day and asked "What next?" We recognize that some families need extra support to keep the commitments that were made to each other. We want to support your family beyond the "honeymoon" phase and reinforce the great work that was accomplished at that initial challenge. Your reward for this work will be seen well into the future as your children become excellent communicators and responsible adults and one day, parents themselves.


You have the chance today to change, enhance or build communication with your teen. This program can only be fulfilled by both the parent and teen making a commitment to participation and trust.


The goal of this challenge is to facilitate parents and teens to commit to spending time together interacting in communication over a 30 day period. We know as parents you seek the best for your children. We believe that by sharing our challenges and how we overcame them gives us an opportunity to learn from each other and take best practices and adapt them as our own. We believe that positive change and hope is possible and exists for everyone.


This workbook is designed to create an opportunity to share past and present experiences, thoughts, goals, disappointments, and unforgettable moments. Through this journey you are likely to learn about yourselves as well as each other. By the end at Day 30, we hope that you and your teen will have achieved great things toward healing and creating a healthy and safe family environment where positive communication is at the center of your family's day to day interactions. If you follow the program as written, by this point of the challenge you and your teen will have developed a stronger connection. 


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