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Read this page carefully before registering for Parent Teen Challenge Day. 

1) A family enrollment consist of 1 single teen accompanied by one or two parents or caregivers. Additional teens/siblings in the home may sign up for next date but ONLY ONE TEEN PER FAMILY PER EVENT. 

2) Dress comfortably we will be playing games and moving around moderately. 

3) Do not be late. Doors close once program begins and no late admission can be granted due to intensity of program. 

4) Each family must bring a packed lunch. 

5) Teens should dress using the same dress code held for school. No midriff, no T-shirts with improper messages, pants must be worn around waist. 

6) Ensure that no teen carries contraband such as vape pens etc. and these not brought into the building.

7) All teens must leave their cell phone off and no cell phones should be seen in any teen during the duration of this day. 

8) Program starts at 9:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm. 

Cost of participation and Payment Information:

The cost of attending the Parent Teen Challenge Day is $35.00 per family. Accepted Payment methods are PAY PAL, Visa, MasterCard, Cash and Money Order. You may pay online and reserve your space or identify your payment method through registration page. Payment must be made prior to participation. 


No refunds will be given once space is reserved.

Rescheduling with no penalties is granted  for families that email 24 hours prior to their scheduled date of attendance and email request to change date. 

Parent Teen Challenge Day is  held at:

 Juvenile Enforcement Center  

1151 E. 28th Street, Sanford, FL 32773




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