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The Adolescent Life Coaching Center is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to bringing families to connect with a positive proven communication approach that works.  Since 2008, the Seminole County Sherriff’s Juvenile Division has adopted this program as part of their prosecution alternatives for youth.


Parent/Teen Challenge will bring the parent and teen to the realization that they are not alone in their situations and identify what is in each person’s power to improve and change their lives. Upon completion of this program both parents and teens communicate with more courtesy and respect, recognize behaviors for what they are, and have practiced how to verbalize discomforts and needs. 


Throughout the day, issues such as responsibility and respect are addressed. Through the activities parents and teens will developing a mutual understanding of each other with the goal of reducing power struggles and creating peace at home. 



Activities help parent and teen reflect and identify positive attributes about themselves and each other as well as those aspects that they wish they could change. Parents and teens will be empowered to BE the change they wish to see in their families and take control of their choices and their lives. Commitments for change are made, celebrated and shared.


Common Parent Complaints: 

    Not feeling heard

    Not feeling appreciated

    Not feeling valued


Common Teen Complaints:

    Not feeling heard

    Not feeling appreciated

    Not feeling valued


Parent/Teen Challenge    2019 Schedule

   Age Group 12-18                       

                      January 5th  2019


                 January 19th 2019


                      February 16th 2019


                      March 23rd 2019


                      April 13th 2019 

                      June 1st 2019

                      June 22nd 2019

                     August 10th 2019

                     November  2nd 2019

                     December  7th 2019

Parent Teen Challenge Day begins at 9:30 am and

ends at 3:00 pm 


The Parent Teen Challenge day was created with the purpose of breaking down the walls that interfere with healthy, respectful, enjoyable parent/teen interaction. In addition to bringing insight and understanding regarding the emotional, developmental, physical, social and cultural factors, which interfere in our daily lives, the Adolescent Life Coaching center facilitates the setting to address these issues.


Participants state they learned:

“The importance of “just listening

”“That I (the parent) have a part in the problem”

“That my teen really does want a better relationship”

“What my teen needs from me”

“That I need to have fun with my kids”

“Ways to model the desired behavior for my teen”

“Ways to empower my teen to accept responsibility”

“To listen without defending, to speak without offending”

“ I learned the importance of respecting my teen”

“That our relationship can change, it’s not too late”


Parent Teen Challenge Day is designed to strengthen already good relationships while facilitating that those struggling with family conflict stop feeling alone and disconnected within the home. This fun day is carefully designed to promote the reunification of teens and parents through carefully designed learning, activities and competitions that facilitate for an afternoon of reflection and commitment to change.

We do this because:

· For many families it has been years since they have engaged in just having fun with each other outside of the parent/child roles. Families participate in activities that reinforce teamwork, communication, self reflection, trust, cooperation, listening, and create internal commitments to change.

· For many families this program represents hope for coping with attitudes and disrespect.

· For many families this program provides the opportunity to feel heard, valued, nurtured, and loved. In many families a member act out needs and wants versus expressing these because of feeling “hopeless about feeling heard”.

· In many families the parent or caregiver has lost the interest, energy and in some even the authority to set appropriate standards for behavior.

· For many families this is the first realization that while they cannot change events from a month ago, a week ago, or even a day ago, however they can commit to changing from that moment on. 




For information on how to bring this exciting life changing experience to your organization as well as available dates please contact Frances Boyde - Founder / Director - Email by clicking here


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