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The Adolescent Life Coaching Center (ALCC), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing families together that are in turmoil due to adolescent issues.














Founder, Frances Boyde M.Ed. Ph.D., recognized the need for a program that would break down the walls that interfere with communication causing both Parent/s and Teens to feel alone and disconnected. Since February 2008, the ALCC  has served more than 3000 families in conflict due to adolescent issues.









Research by Steinberg et al., (1991, 1992) demonstrates that throughout adolescence three specific components of parenting contribute to healthy psychological development and school success: parental acceptance or warmth (feeling loved), behavioral supervision and strictness (feeling protected even from themselves and outside pressures), and psychological autonomy granting or democracy          (feeling heard and valued).


The Adolescent Life Coaching Center has the goal of making an impact on the family that extends beyond the home to our classrooms as to well as our community.





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