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In Home Intensive Parenting Education Services

 In Home Adolescent Life Coaching / In Home Couples Relationship Coaching


The Adolescent Life Coaching Center (ALCC) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in turmoil due to parenting and adolescent issues. The philosophy of the ALCC is that there is no helping a child without helping the parent/s. The Adolescent Life Coaching center incorporates three major factors into Parent Coaching:


Intensive Parenting Services – Parenting Coach will conduct an in-home 60 to 90 minute visit during which the necessary moves to reach the families goals are defined. Parent/s will learn age, situation, and child specific creative ideas to bond with their child. Parent/s are taught effective discipline methods that work for today’s children and teens. Parent/s will reflect on their own childhood and evaluate what to adopt and what to reject of learned behaviors and parenting philosophies. Parent/s will make weekly new commitments and feel empowered, motivated, and held accountable for commitments made.












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Adolescent Life Coaching Center is a Community Based Care of Central Florida Preferred Provider


In Home Intensive Parenting Coaching

 In Home Adolescent Life Coaching


The Adolescent Life Coaching Center (ALCC) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in turmoil due to parenting and adolescent issues. The philosophy of the ALCC is that there is no helping a child without helping the parent/s. The Adolescent Life Coaching center incorporates three major factors into  Coaching:


Intensive Parenting Services – Parenting Coach will conduct an in-home 60 to 90 minute visit during which the necessary moves to reach the families goals are defined. Parent/s will learn age, situation, and child specific creative ideas to bond with their child. Parent/s are taught effective discipline methods that work for today’s children and teens. Parent/s will reflect on their own childhood and evaluate what to adopt and what to reject of learned behaviors and parenting philosophies. Parent/s will make weekly new commitments and feel empowered, motivated, and held accountable for commitments made

The Role of an Intensive Parenting Coach as defined by Adolescent Life Coaching Center   


  • Provide resources and all support for necessary Stable Income and Housing.

  • Discuss and analyze what invited agency involvement/concern for the safety of the child/children.

  • Identify the present major stressors in the home and create a plan for alleviating these.

  • Study case plan and help parent/s meet all tasks by ensuring that each have all the supports necessary and no excuses for not completing successfully.

  • Teach, educate, and support parent/s to in-time complete task independently of coach.

  • Break all major tasks into steps and create and inspire, motivate, recognize all progress and efforts with praise.

  • Supervise and transport parental visits when necessary in order to create parenting plan that is age and situation specific through direct observation.

  • Facilitate parent/s development of a more positive attitude towards FCM and Providers.

  • Facilitate each parent gaining personal growth through the process so that children are returned to parents capable of meeting their safety, physical and emotional needs.

  • Document and report strengths, progress, and/or concerns to FCM.


  Our Specialty: Rebuilding Families


Intensive Parenting Coach

Frances Boyde M.Ed. Counseling

Ph.D. Psychology. Founder / Director Adolescent Life Coaching Center

  407-610-LIFE (5433) or


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Evelyn Velez - Intensive Parenting Coach

Evelyn Velez Arnold, MA, NCC

B.S. Psychology, M.A. Counselor Education- Mental Health Track-

Evelyn has worked with adults from all walks of life as a Substance Abuse Treatment Counselor at a Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program as well as an individual and family counselor for patients in a Family Medicine Clinic. She has also worked with adolescents in both traditional and alternative school settings, as an individual and group counselor in a teen substance abuse prevention & intervention program. Evelyn brings her unique background and skill set to us currently working with the Adolescent Life Coaching Center as both a Teen Counselor for Parent Teen Challenge Day and Intensive Parenting Coach for CBC families. Evelyn has met requirements to be a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and recently completed training to become an Adoption Competent Provider. Evelyn continues to actively expand her education and expertise for serving our families as she works toward becoming a Master Certified Addictions Professional (MCAP). 

            Email Evelyn Velez or call 407-463-9440

Yesenia Santiago - Intensive Parenting Coach

Yesenia Santiago, M.S. Counseling & Human Systems. Yesenia is a versatile,  dedicated,  bilingual  social  service  professional  with  27 years  of solid  clinical  and  administrative  acumen. She is a committed team player and resourceful leader with proven ability to motivate and generate results through hands-on management, a sound knowledge base, and a natural ability to inspire and teach those she serves.  Yesenia’s experience includes:  Clinical Director/Trainer for Suicide Hotline, Advocate and Children’s Counselor at residential DV facility, Prevention Educator for National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Mental Health Clinician III,  Program Supervisor for Children’s Home Society, and Welfare Transition Quality Assurance Specialist/Team Coordinator/ Career Counselor.  Yesenia  is the mother of two and has a passion for facilitating change and creating hope for families in turmoil due to parenting issues while improving the quality of life for the child and the family as whole. 

          Email Yesenia Santiago or call 407-920-1038

Leslie DeJesus- Intensive Parenting Coach 


Leslie DeJesus holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Crime Scene Investigation and a M.S. in Human Services with a specialization in Social and Community Services.  Leslie was awarded a certificate of completion by the University of Central Florida in Case Management and has over 15 years of experience working in the social service field providing an environment of compassion and support to help individuals and families overcome obstacles to move forward and thrive. Leslie is a dedicated professional with strong organizational skills and thoroughness that are vital when assisting families through the various steps of their lives. Leslie is also trained and experienced in helping families prepare for reunification and providing post-placement support once the child comes home. Leslie believes that change happens when people are given the guidance they need to draw on their own strengths and realize their potential to live fulfilling and happy lives.  

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Melissa White – Intensive Parenting Coach

Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern and a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern with the state of Florida - B.A. Psychology with a concentration in Children and Adolescent and a Certified Professional Life Coach. Melissa has worked with families  from all economic class, education level, religion backgrounds, and ethnicities as an In-Home Family Consultant and Early Childhood Educator. Melissa has over 15 years of experience in the social service field that first began when she was only 15 years old in New York.  At the young age of 15, Melissa accepted a Summer job working alongside her mother in the Social Service field as part of the NY Summer Youth Employment Program. It was at this point Melissa realized the families in need in her community. Melissa takes pride in guiding and coaching the families she serves as they achieve their goals.  She walks along side with her families and takes the journey with them; encouraging them every step of the way. Melissa is a huge believer of second chances and that we can learn and grow from each other to make a difference tomorrow.

Celiann Reyell- Intensive Parenting Coach 


Celiann Reyell earned her Bachelor of Business Administration at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. After several years working in corporate organizations and running her business, she decided to follow her call and dedicate her life to serve others and help them to make positive changes in their lives. She earned a second bachelor's degree in Psychology and continued her education as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) at the University of South Florida (USF). She is also fluent in English and Spanish. After her work experience at the Department of Children’s and Families as a Dependency Case Manager, she joined our team and continue being passionate about helping parents build and improve their parenting skills, working together day by day to get closer to reunification.  Celiann Reyell is also a mother of 2 girls, and in her free time, she enjoys spending time with them at the beach and enjoying outdoor activities.

Email Celiann Reyell or Call 407-283-7250

Rita Santa Cruz- Intensive Parenting Coach 

Rita Pic.jpg

Rita Santa Cruz earned her B.S. in Human Services Management and is certified as a Child Welfare Case Manager (CWCM). Rita started her Child Welfare career as a Child Protective Investigator with the Department of Children and Families, continuing to Case Management with Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health in a Specialized Medical Unit, and a Summer Career Development Specialist for youth. Rita is certified in Nurturing Parenting and Specialized Human Trafficking Training and has worked with victims of various backgrounds. She is an ally and advocate for the LGBTQ community with beliefs of equality for all parents. Rita is passionate and compassionate to the families she serves. She is an advocate for families in turmoil and believes that all families can change with support and determination. Rita believes in the power of positive change leading to healthy families, and she enjoys providing tools, ideas, and support for families so they can become the best parents they aspire to be.

Email Rita Santa Cruz or call 407-494-4502

Danielle Henry -Intensive Parenting Coach 

Danielle Henry.jpg

Danielle possesses a wealth of knowledge in the social services field. She has experience as a dependency case manager, child protective investigator and a domestic violence advocate; she also has experience working with several nonprofit social service agencies that provide aid to families in need, as well as being a counselor for individuals who struggle with substance abuse. Danielle is also trained to work who individual who are victims of human trafficking. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master's Degree in Human Resources Management. Danielle has a heart for helping families and children navigate through life’s trials and overcome obstacles. She brings an array of skills geared toward strengthening communication, aiding in reasonable family centered decision making, developing and maintaining stability and building better interpersonal relationships that not only benefit the family, but are also beneficial in everyday interactions. 

Email Danielle Henry or call 321-426-0184

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Daria Jenkins- Intensive Parenting Coach 

Daria Jenkins has earned her BSW and used her expertise with over 25 years of experience in the social service field.  She has an extensive background in the mental health field, child welfare system, homeless community outreach, adult and juvenile corrections.  She is very passionate about helping families and assisting them with creating a positive change.  Daria is an empathetic non-judgmental advocate for families,  dedicated to teaching and empowering parents.  She strives endlessly to help the families she serve build and improve not only stronger parenting skills, but also a safe and stable household.


                Email Daria Jenkins or call 407-986-0395

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Jazma Lewis- Intensive Parenting Coach 


Before her role of an Intensive Parenting Coach, Jazma worked as a Targeted Case Manager and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialists with Central Florida Recovery Center. As a case manager she assisted children and adults with gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services. As a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialists she taught individuals with mental and emotional disorders how to function within their community. Jazma worked as a Wrap Specialist with Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health where she facilitated Family Team Conferences and linked children and their families to service delivery systems. Jazma also worked as a Family Support Worker with Healthy Families Orange. In this role Jazma facilitated parent- infant bonding, positive parent- child interaction and child health and development. Jazma holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Central Florida. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Email Jazma Lewis or call 904-403-5579

Adriana Escander- Intensive Parenting Coach 

                        ADOPTION CERTIFIED

AD (Adriana) Escander, has over twenty years of court related experience many of which were in family programs.  She is an active member for the Florida Crisis Response Team since 2002; she has responded to both manmade and natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the Pulse Shooting.  She is a certified Guardian ad Litem (GAL) who specializes in domestic violence, dependency and family law cases.  AD received the Victim Services Practitioner Designation through the Attorney General’s office.  AD has received training from Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Organization of Victim Assistance.  AD is also an experienced investigator in Human Rights specializing in Housing and Employment discrimination; she received training from National Fair Housing Alliance, Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  AD is past chairperson of the Osceola County Domestic Violence Task Force, past member of the Family Law Advisory Group (FLAG), and a past board member for the Osceola Guardian ad Litem Program.  AD has three (3) grown children.  She is fluent in English, Spanish and French.  AD’s unique background provides her with the necessary tools to best serve families in meeting their case plan goals.

              Email Adriana Escander or call 407-873-1591

DeAndra Flowers - Intensive Parenting Coach 

DeAndra Flowers BS MHTCM possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience within the arena of Social Services including 15 years of professional expertise and specialization towards Mental Health Targeted Case Management. Having attained a Bachelor's Degree in the field of Theology... She is also disciplined and skilled in the areas of Psychology and Sociology as well. DeAndra Flowers continually nurtures an innate understanding and sophistication as a Dependency Case Manager, Domestic Violence and Healthcare Advocate, Employment Rehabilitation Specialist as well as a Mental Health Targeted Case Manager and Supervisor with The Association for Persons with Disabilities. DeAndra Flowers continues to cultivate, develop and maintain professional relationships with community agencies and organizations whom are committed to the spirit of safeguarding and strengthening children and their families.

           Email DeAndra Flowers or call 407-914-7448

Firelei (Elisa) Davis - Intensive Parenting Coach 


Elisa earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Central Florida before working at the Department of Children and families as a Child Protective Investigator and later as a Family Support Worker.  As a Child Protective Investigator, she earned certification as a Child Welfare Protective Investigator.  She has over 7 years of experience working in the field of children and families; as a Legal Advocate at a domestic violence shelter and as a social work assistant at a foster care agency. Elisa is a dedicated professional with strong thoroughness skills that are vital when assisting children and families. Elisa enjoys working with children and families and feels it is a privilege to be a part of the journey.  She understands the many sides of reunification, including the emotional aspect of the process, and desires to come alongside families to help them in their journey towards reunification.

                Email Elisa Davis or call 646-299-6155

Jenny Hazen- Intensive Parenting Coach 

Jenny acquired her Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Memphis. She is working on her Master's in Social Work. She dove into the Social Service field later on in life as this was always her passion. She has worked in the Adoption field, guiding and assisting homeless birth mother's who were giving their child up for Adoption. She has also worked with low income/ no income HIV and AIDS patients for eligibility through the Ryan White Program. Jenny served as a Dependency Case Manager for the Department of Children and Families for several years. Jenny takes great pride in advocating for any family in need, especially through encouragement and bringing a positive light to a not so pleasant situation. Communication and listening is key in working with the families and she builds the families up with positive reinforcement, strengths and empowerment.

                Email Jenny Hazen or call (321) 754-5591   

Jacia Dionnaire - Intensive Parenting Coach 

With over a decade of experience working with youth, families, and community organizations throughout the state of Florida, Jacia is dedicated to the field of social welfare, social services, and is a strong advocate for each client she serves. She has fulfilled various roles and trainings, and has gained a wealth of experience in servicing her community in a vast array of areas including: Case Management, Diversion Services, Guardian ad Litem, Crisis Intervention, Mentor, and Human Trafficking. Jacia has the candid ability to build rapport, respect, and responsiveness when working with clients and community organizations. Jacia holds a Master’s of Arts degree in Human Services Counseling with a discipline in Family and Marriage Counseling and Community Care. Jacia is bilingual and Haitian Creole speaking. She works by the motto that “this is not my job, it was my calling”- her passion is authentic. As an Intensive parenting coach, she strives to help parents navigate through the challenges of parenting by offering alternative and new outlooks around family conflicts by exploring various strategies, approaches, and skill sets to effectively  shift  certain behaviors and family dynamics to help parents achieve their long term parenting goals as well as successfully completing their case plan task.  

                Email Jacia Dionnaire  or call  813-650-4660

Cecilia Moore - Intensive Parenting Coach 


Paulina earned her Bachelor of Arts in Human Services at Saint Leo University. She has over 15 years’ experience in social work as a case manager and child Protective Investigator/Supervisor for the Department of Children and Families. She has an extensive background in the child safety field. Paulina is bilingual and has a strong commitment to meeting the needs of disadvantaged children, youth, adults and special needs people. She believes, People face challenges in life daily, but with a mindful and positive outlook, they can change the way they view the world and learn how to harness the resources they already have. She is passionate in helping others recognize their strengths and using them to influence change. Her passion has always been to work with individuals to help them become the best they can be, build upon their strengths, and encourage them to never give up on their goals and dreams. Paulina’s expertise provides her with the tools to help parents achieve their goal to ensure reunification is permanent. 

                Email Cecilia Moore or call 352-551-8897

Karina Manon - Intensive Parenting Coach 


Angela Florez - Intensive Parenting Coach 

Karina earned her Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Central Florida before working as a Dependency Case Manager for the Department of Children and Families. Since her journey began as a Dependency Case Manager, Karina has made it her priority to serve families who need it most by providing necessary services. Karina is an advocate for all children and their families and is dedicated and passionate about lending a helping hand whenever she can. Karina is a dedicated individual who stives to provide families with the best services to meet their needs and accomplish their goals. Karina has entered this field to work closely with families and is committed to serving each family with the best possible care. She appreciates the process each family must endure to achieve reunification and is devoted to being a guiding light along the way.

                Email Karina Manon or call 772-444-5013


Angela earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. Since the beggining of her career, she has been advocating for children and families, working as a teacher for children with special needs, a Dependency Case Manager, and a Diversion Specialist for the Department of Children and Families. Angela is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and overcome parenting challenges by offering alternative perspectives around family situations, uncovering strategies to shift behaviour and family dynamics, and assiting parents to achieve their parenting goals. Angela understands and provides the compassion and empathy needed during the process of reunification. 

                      Email Angela Florez or call 407-219-1719

Christina Wynn- Intensive Parenting Coach 


Elizabeth Reyes- Intensive Parenting Coach