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The Adolescent Life Coaching Center (ALCC) can help you boost your career in 30 days! Our online intensive training program easily provides new and seasoned coaches alike with leading edge coaching skills specifically focused on today’s adolescent and parenting issues.


Adolescent Life Coaches help youth and families live their lives to the fullest by introducing new perspectives and alternatives to methods of communication that are ineffective. Life coaches aren't counselors or therapists; they are not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health matters. 


Adolescent Life Coaches make the greatest impact by...

• Bringing positive change to their community.

• Learning how to listen, influence, persuade, engage, and motivate both youth and parents into changing their communication         styles.

• Learning to support families through tough adolescent issues.

• Demonstrating commitment to developing your own knowledge and skill set.

• Becoming agents for change in the lives of parents and adolescents who struggle with and desire to improve their lives.

The ALCC Adolescent Life Coach Certificate leads to:


• Being able to stand out from the crowd with formal training specifically geared to today’s adolescent issues.

• Making the best impression with formal training from an established successful Adolescent Life Coaching center.

• An increase in your employment opportunities, number of clients, coaching rates, and revenue by gaining expertise on today’s adolescent issues and communication patterns.

• Having increased visibility and opportunity for personal and professional growth.






              What are the dates for ALCC Adolescent Life Coach Online Class for 2017?

                                                                     click here to email questions.


​ Course Dates for 2018​​

  • March 2nd to March 31st 2018 - Enrolling

  • May 4th to June 2nd 2018 - Enrolling

  •  June 29th to July 28th 2018 - Enrolling

  • August 3rd to September 1st 2018 - Enrolling

  • October 5th to November 2nd 2018 - Enrolling

         Reserve your space today! Limited Enrollment to First 10 Registered



How much does it cost to become a Certified Adolescent Life Coach?

                          The ALCC Adolescent Life Coach Certification 4 week interactive class cost is $200.00.


                           How do I register for ALCC Adolescent Life Coach Certification Course?                     

  Registering is easy. To reserve your course space register early, as space is limited to the first 10 registrants per class.


                                                               Who are the participants?

  • You are a social worker, psychotherapist, life coach, or counselor who would like to incorporate highly effective adolescent life coaching skills into your practice, or who is considering adding professional adolescent life coaching to your service offerings.

  • You are an entrepreneur who would like to open a youth center or develop other services to help teens and their families.

  •  You are a teacher who would like to empower students to be more open to, and excited about, learning and trying new ideas, to help them be accountable for their learning agreements, and to inspire and motivate them to be their best.

  • You are a nurse or doctor, or know one, who wants to more honestly and openly communicate with adolescents so that they feel heard and understood, as well as fully understand your efforts and suggestions, helping them make better choices once they leave your care.

  • You could be a parent looking to plan and build your family's future together by deepening your communication skills so that you can share and grow together and enjoy the adolescent years. You would like to know the best way to have your child actually want to do her homework, how to empower him/her when he/she is being bullied at school, how to inspire her when she doubts herself, or how to connect with her during her teenage years.


The ALCC Adolescent Life Coach Certification course will provide you information about the social issues facing adolescents in the 21st century, teach you how to help teens and their

families set reasonable goals, and provide you with tools to help them achieve those goals. You’ll 

understand how to help youth break through their fears, doubts, worries, and blocks to                                  achieving whatever they choose.


For more information – Call 407-610-5433 or email here or

  Register Online and make your payment top secure your space below. 


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To pay by check or money order      please make payment to:

   Adolescent Life Coaching Center

   Mail to: 4246 Weeping Willow Cir.            Winter Springs Fl. 32708


                                                              The Adolescent Life Coach Pledge


• I commit to making a difference; to support, guide, and be a role model.

• I commit to being consistent; to be a steady figure over time, to be persistent, and to help another persevere.

• I commit to encouraging another; by listening, by understanding, by fostering strengths, and by showing empathy.

• I commit to building a mutual relationship; to enter the world of someone else, to hear about new dreams and challenges, to share my own stories, and to respect the differences between us.

• I commit to asking for assistance; when I need my own support, when the struggles of a child are bigger than I can handle, when I am unsure.

• I commit to recognizing; that change often comes in small steps that barely leave footprints that victories are often unseen or unspoken, and that obstacles will always be present.

• I commit to remaining sympathetic; to the storms weathered, to the adversity faced, and to the experiences that occurred long before this teen entered my life.

• I commit to realizing; that my actions carry new weight and responsibility, that my role can never be taken lightly, that my life will also change with this experience.

• I commit to being an Adolescent Life Coach.


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